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    Midwest City was founded in 1942 by Oklahoma businessman and builder W.P. “Bill” Atkinson. Atkinson learned of the United States Army’s desire to build a new airfield in the center of the country, the largest military base to ever be built, and knew central Oklahoma was the perfect location. He purchased thousands of acres of undeveloped land and began developing homes, schools, churches, parks, entertainment and shopping, creating a self-contained city for military personnel and the civilian work force. Almost simultaneously, Midwest Air Depot rose from the plains and all-important work began.

    During World War II, the Midwest City Douglas Aircraft Company Plant constructed more than half of the 10,000 C-47 Skytrain United States Army cargo planes. Midwest Air Depot was renamed on January 13, 1948 to Tinker Air Force Base to honor Major General Clarence Tinker, a member of Osage Nation, from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. He was the first American general to be killed on a mission in World War II as he was leading a flight of B-24’s Liberators near Wake Island.

    Over the next several decades, Midwest City became home to countless service men and women as well as thriving business development with opportunities for employment and education, fulfilling the quality of life needs of the community.  In 2003, the Reed Conference Center, a 60,000-square-foot convention center, was built. Several premiere brand hotels were added near the Reed Conference Center, designating the area around Sooner Road and Tinker Diagonal as Midwest City’s hospitality district.

    Midwest City continues to grow, while paying homage to deep roots. Look for the Ponies on Parade, a series of artistic statues spread throughout Midwest City. These colorfully-painted replicas of Atkinson’s Shetland ponies each tell part of Midwest City’s unique story.

    Midwest City serves as the economic trade center for eastern Oklahoma County and is conveniently close to metropolitan area amenities. The city is alive with tourism, special events and substantial economic growth. It is a thriving community with a warm and friendly atmosphere and a ‘family first’ quality of life, and more than 75 years of riveting history! ​​​






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